Restaurant Review: Nelli Rae’s Kitchen

One of my favorite things to do with the people I love is trying new restaurants! Eating out can be a little tricky as a vegan, especially if you don’t just want to eat a house salad at any ordinary restaurant (especially when your friends are chowing down on much tastier foods). But no worries! There are tons of vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly restaurants popping up as veganism gains popularity.

The other day my mom and I were out shopping for my college dorm and decided to stop at a cute little vegetarian restaurant that my Aunt suggested to me earlier in the summer. With an open mind and an empty stomach, we arrived at Nelli Rae’s Kitchen in Revere, Pennsylvania.

Upon arrival, the place had already charmed me. The restaurant was located in a quaint, roadside farmhouse. The tables were draped in various eclectic, floral table cloths and adorned with mismatched silverware that gave the place a little quirk.

The atmosphere was calm and very relaxed. With big windows, the sun illuminated the inside of the restaurant warmly. My mom and I were seated on the cozy front porch, and were welcomed kindly. Although they claimed to be understaffed on that particular day, our food came in a timely fashion, and our waitress was extremely pleasant.

And of course, the food was amazing! Although mainly vegetarian, there are a few vegan options worth trying. There was also a large selection of delicious smoothies and freshly pressed juices! I decided to get a carrot-apple-ginger juice, which was extremely refreshing and tasty (even though this was how I found out how I was allergic to carrots…I broke out in hives lol). Regardless, I still enjoyed the juice, and would totally recommend…if you’re not allergic, of course 🙂


For my lunch, I had a sushi salad! Based with brown rice and topped with assorted greens, the salad was also decorated with nori, sesame seeds, avocado, shredded carrots, zucchini, and red pepper. The salad was completed with a perfect drizzle of miso-ginger dressing. It was the perfect amount of food, and I finished all of it.


The front counter of the restaurant is also stocked with tasty baked goods (which are sometimes vegan!) Although I was too full to sample, I would definitely encourage you to try some vegan treats…they looked amazing.

So, all in all…if you’re hungry and happen to be in South East Pennsylvania, stop by Nelli Rae’s Kitchen for a bite to eat 🙂








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